Yazoo River

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Ya·zoo River

 (yə-zo͞o′, yăz′o͞o)
A river formed in northwest Mississippi and flowing 305 km (190 mi) south to join the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. The Yazoo River basin is separated from the Mississippi by natural levees.
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Noun1.Yazoo River - a river that rises in west central Mississippi and flows southwest to empty into the Mississippi River above VicksburgYazoo River - a river that rises in west central Mississippi and flows southwest to empty into the Mississippi River above Vicksburg
Magnolia State, Mississippi, MS - a state in the Deep South on the gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate States during the American Civil War
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Grant then made it to Memphis "to call off Genl Sherman who with his troops had landed at Chicasa bayou north of Vicksburg where we were being hard pressed by the entire Rebel forces of that part of the country." After Grant sent orders for the unit to withdraw, "we were followed to the boats & had to fight our way out of the Yazoo River into the Mississippi River.
"The tour itself includes walking around the yard and garden, seeing the writing studio/home office, walking down to the Yazoo River if possible, looking at things mentioned in the book, and some history of the house not included in the book," says Monica.
floated down the Yazoo River, giving rise to [a] considerable industry in Vicksburg," including the Anderson-Tully Co., Davis wrote.
When Grant finally arrived at Vicksburg on May 18, he had already set in motion the establishment of river supply bases just north and south at landings in Warrenton on the Mississippi River and Snyder's Bluff on the Yazoo River. Porter was able to provide food from the new supply base at Snyder's Bluff to the Union Army encircling Vicksburg as early as May 21.
When the Union Army got close to the steamer on the Yazoo River in Mississippi, the Confederate Army burned the ship rather than letting it be taken by the Union Army.
They also own and maintain the Yazoo River backwater levees from Vicksburg all the way up the Cold Water and Tallahatchie Rivers.
They are all part of the larger Yazoo River Basin, which in turn, is part of the Mississippi River Basin.
The Yazoo River, strategically important during the Civil War because it bounded Vicksburg, Mississippi, was difficult for the North to capture due to its swampland terrain.
"I grew up on the edge of the Mississippi delta, just over the Yazoo River. Yazoo City was spotted with fast food, yet fortunately one of the few artisanal joints was the local donut shop where I ate five days a week for breakfast for the first 18 years of my life.
Although below its record level, the Yazoo River at Yazoo City was also flooded, reaching 38.3 feet (11.7 meters) on May 19, the AHPS reported.
(2005) conducted a study on the Big Sunflower River and the Yazoo River in Mississippi to find out if they met the water quality standard for fresh water bodies in Mississippi.