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8220;It's been a great year producing the magazine,” says Eric Foster, founder and chief editor of YBE Magazine.
At the national launch of YBE 2004, held in Australia's first 5-star rated green building, 30 The Bond, in Sydney, Patron-in-chief and Governor-General Major General Michael Jeffery said 'I believe this can be a watershed year that will provide impetus for positive built environment outcomes to flow on to the community for years to come.
Local Indigenous organisation YBE has agreed to continue operating the popular Gove Peninsular Bus Service as part of the Regional and Remote Bus Trial Program.
Meanwhile Daniel, leader of the YBE, is steadily losing his control over the gang as different members keep turning up dead.
YBE MORE FRUGAL WITH a YOUR ENERGY USE Try and keep those energy bills down - don't leave appliances on standby and turn the thermostat down one notch.
MAYB YB YB YBE he was che k cking if if if Barack MAYBE he was checking if Barack Obama really is a head of state.