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YDO has closed its first external round of funding and is in talks to raise $1 million in funding from the UAE for the currrent year.
Baliklara ait ortalama canli agirlik artisi, spesifik buyume orani (SBO, %/gu[n.sup.-1]), protein etkinlik orani (PEO), yem degerlendirme orani (YDO) ve yasama oranlari Tablo 3'de gosterilmistir.
yDO canceled all its intra-city ferry services in ystanbul due to sea conditions.
According to Ydo Doornbos, managing director of Trelleborg Wheels Americas Inc., different customer groups have different requirements from their products and suppliers.
When the sheriff comes for Gamelyn as he "had ydo a sorye rees, Boundon and wounded men ayeinst the kingges pees" (The Tale of Gamelyn, ll.