Year's purchase

1.The amount that is yielded by the annual income of property; - used in expressing the value of a thing in the number of years required for its income to yield its purchase price, in reckoning the amount to be paid for annuities, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Bank of Mongolia has purchased 597 kg of gold in January 2019, which was 531 kg or 47% decrease from the previous year's purchase of 1.1 tons of gold.
Its last year's purchase, for instance, totaled 12 million US dollars.
Prevnar 13 was among the most important experimental products that Pfizer acquired in last year's purchase of Wyeth.
And so last year's purchase of the Wall Street Journal, he wrote, 'was in no small way about wanting to trade the illiberal--the belligerent, the vulgar, the loud, the menacing the unsubtle--for the better-heeled, the more magnanimous, the further nuanced.'"
The move by Thompson Hospitality, the nation's largest minority-owned food service company, follows last year's purchase of Austin Grill, a Tex-Mex restaurant chain in Maryland.
Tom Southern, president and CEO of CB Richard Ellis' Australia & New Zealand operations, said: "The acquisition complements last year's purchase of GVA Grimley/Swale Hynes--a move which created a 75-employee business that is the premier provider of real estate services for corporations in the Pacific Region.
Supermarket chain Morrisons warned yesterday it was continuing to suffer difficulties in seeing through last year's purchase of Safeway.The group, which has already issued two profits warnings in the wake of the tie-up, said the costs associated with integrating the two businesses were likely to remain higher and take longer to eliminate than hoped.
SUPERMARKET chain Morrisons is continuing to suffer difficulties in seeing through last year's purchase of Safeway.
SUPERMARKET chain Morrisons warned yesterday that it was continuing to suffer difficulties in seeing through last year's purchase of Safeway.
She cited last year's purchase of the New York Blade News, the city's other gay newspaper, and The Washington Blade by Window Media, an Atlanta-based publisher that owns several gay newspapers.
This addition follows the last year's purchase of three 100-barrel fermenters and the installation of their new 100-barrel copper brew house.
Improved, air service already makes it possible for visitors to fly into Cuzco in time to catch the morning train to Machu Picchu, making Aguas Calientes more accessible to business travelers with tight schedules, Last year's purchase of the train by the swanky Orient-Express hotel chain is expected to result in upgraded rail service from Cuzco.