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He said since August last year twelve exploration wells have been drilled in the province.
It is without a doubt that the performance was an eye-opening and useful experience for Year Twelve and Thirteen students alike.
For this sponsorship to now be going into year twelve is quite remarkable, and it just goes to show how well things have progressed, and how strong the bond is between our company and the club.
Broughton is a coeducational College that provides a Christian-based education for Prep to Year twelve. Tracey has a Bachelor of Early Childhood, Masters of Teaching (birth--twelve years) and is currently studying for a Masters of Inclusive Education.
As we enter year twelve of the "war on terror," drones are arguably the coolest tool in the American military arsenal.
In Year Twelve, Mia leaves an unsatisfactory, dysfunctional home (absent father, alcoholic mother) in Melbourne to join her older sister in Alaska, near Fairbanks.
The Vagabond's Breakfast mentions Montaigne's account of a gravestone inscribed: "Here lies so-and-so, who was dead when time was passing through the year twelve hundred", and riffs on the personification of time.
My first contact with adult education was as a Year Twelve [or Senior] student, as we were known at the time.
This year twelve institutions and four individuals confirmed their membership in the Hungarian Branch; thirteen of these are also members of the international organization.
The team's proposal for a franchise of cafes focusing purely on serving puddings was chosen as the overall winner following a presentation by the finalists to over 150 fellow Year Twelve pupils.