n.1.The earth.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
It cost already two hundred thousand; it'll cost five hundred thousand afore it's done; and every cent of it is got out of the yearth beneath it, or HEZ got to be out of it.
Childerth, and thee hath got a boy, and though he'th only three yearth old, he thtickth on to any pony you can bring againtht him.
At de las' day de yearth will melt wid fervent heat.
Addressing his gobsmacked housemates, he proclaimed: "Did you know that 200 yearth ago, troutherth were invented for the working-clatheth?
(Beat) A couple yearth ago, I might've, but not anymore.
In John of Bordeaux (1592), (17) a manuscript with theatrical additions, the bookkeeper added 'Thunder lyghtnyng' (133-4) at the entrance of devils conjured up by Friar Bacon--possibly via the trap, or 'bowells of the yearth'.
I believe in my soul, not a King or a Queen On the Yearth that's now living but there I have seen.
"For what's rendered to the yearth, the yearth will keep until hit's ready to reveal it" (p.
(90) Harvard addition: 'I ain't afeard er no man dat walks dis yearth! I'se a soldier I is!
But our Squire who know's that I love a fine sight, To a grand Masquerade wou'd have Me one night, Where Bridget I saw, it's as true as I stand A Farmer make free, with a Lord of the Land I believe in my Soul, not at King or a Queen On the Yearth that's now living but there I have seen And poor Souls, so modest, scarce one in the place Till Supper was over would show Me her Face