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Noun1.Book of Ezekiel - an Old Testament book containing Ezekiel's prophecies of the downfall of Jerusalem and Judah and their subsequent restoration
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
Nebiim, Prophets - the second of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures
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What changed his life was a video of ultra-Orthodox lyricist and singer Ziv Yechezkel, who performs and remixes classical Arabic music and is very popular in the Arab world.
Yechezkel Nakar's heart kept on beating for three weeks after he died.
(5) For the changes at the kibbutzim as one-way process, see Yechezkel Dar, "Communality, Rationalization and Distributive Justice: Changing Evaluation of Work in the Israeli Kibbutz," International Sociology 17, no.
Yechezkel, "Fasting glucose levels within the high normal range predict cardiovascular outcome," American Heart Journal, vol.
Address for correspondence: Yechezkel Kashi, Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, The Technion, Haifa 32000, Israel; e-mail:
Although some scholars have explained the mysterious divine wrath that is the cause of Israel's retreat as the wrath of the Moabite god, Kemosh, the Israeli scholar, Yechezkel Kaufman's dictum, that alien gods never express emotion in the Hebrew Bible, holds true.
There are conflicting versions about how the events unfolded, but there is no dispute about the following facts: Samir was unarmed and a policeman, Shmuel Yechezkel, shot him from close range in the back.
Patent 7,163,731 (January 16, 2007), "Lightweight Armor Against Firearm Projectiles," Yehoshua Yeshurun, Yechezkel Ashuach, Zvi Rosenberg, and Moshe Rozenfeld (Rafael Armament Development Authority, Ltd., Haifa, Israel).
According to data provided by Yechezkel Ofir, the head of the Enforcement Division, there are currently only 23 inspectors in the administration: 4 non-Jewish inspectors who handle law enforcement of working hours and not working on the Sabbath (i.e., imposing fines on businesses that operate on the Sabbath); 3 complaint coordinators who sort through the complaints from the field inspectors, and 16 field inspectors.
Before long, they were married and starting a family that now includes Yechezkel, 6; Betzalel, 4; and Ateret, almost 2.