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 (yĭ-kăt′ər-ən-bûrg′) or E·ka·te·rin·burg (ĭ-kăt′-)
A city of west-central Russia in the eastern foothills of the Ural Mountains. Nicholas II and his family were executed here (1918) after the Russian Revolution. From 1924 to 1991 the city was known as Sverdlovsk.
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(Russian jɪkətɪrinˈburk) or


(Placename) a city in NW Russia, in the Ural Mountains: scene of the execution (1918) of Nicholas II and his family; university (1920); one of the largest centres of heavy engineering in Russia. Pop: 1 281 000 (2005 est). Former name (1924–91): Sverdlovsk
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Inna, who said she had studied to be a musical conductor, was interested in the parallels between Newcastle and Yekaterinberg, the industrial centre where she was born.
Al Mansouri was leading a UAE delegation to the exhibition in Yekaterinberg. The two sides considered enhancing ties in transformative industries, petrochemicals and aluminium, advanced technologies, and the fields of innovation, scientific research, renewable energy, agriculture and food.
(13) A 1996 survey in two cities (Perm and Yekaterinberg) and one rural area (Ivanovo Province) showed that one-third of women aged 15-44 were using an IUD; however, only one in 10 were using condoms, and fewer still oral contraceptives.