Yellow boy

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a gold coin, as a guinea.

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Michael Farmer's simply outstanding 'Mescalero Apache' series, "The Last Warrior, The Life and Times of Yellow Boy" continues the powerful story of the Mescalero Apaches and their fight for tribal survival against determined ignorance from autocratic government overseers, countering attacks from those misusing their supernatural powers, and choosing sides in White Eye conflicts.
Dissolved iron in the waste plume--familiar to miners as "yellow boy"--turned the area's scenic waterways a shocking orange hue.
The brightly stacked bubbles of Jamie Walker's Yellow Boy provided viewers with an abstract idea of human form that, even while lacking facial features, hair or limbs, still managed to convey the effervescent energy of youth.
I started this project when I received a "prop item" Winchester '66 rifle--the famous "Yellow Boy."
In my February 04 issue, I found an article on the Henry Yellow Boy .22.
Cimarron Arms' Mike and Mary Lou Harvey hold an engraved '66 Yellow Boy carbine as one of 80 rifles and pistols on display; Tony Aeschliman displays the new model .44 Magnum rifle complete with pistol grip; Robert R.
This decrease in drainage acidity renders the iron ions insoluble, causing them to precipitate, or separate from solution, in the form of brightly colored iron hydroxide, called "yellow boy." Large quantities of iron hydroxide can clog stream beds and discolor rocks and banks a telltale rusty orange.
The latest leverguns from Uberti take us all the way back to the days of the 1860 Henry and the 1866 Yellow Boy. They are the Silverboys offered in both .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum.
The 1866 model, dubbed "Yellow Boy" by the Indians because of its bright brass frame, protected the pioneers on their trek during the Westward Migration after the Civil War.
Indeed, anyone interested in the period of the great western expansion will enjoy not just owning, but being able to shoot and use these "instant heirlooms." A person with any feeling whatsoever for the romance of our country's history will surely feel his soul and imagination stirred just by picking up Cimarron's Model 1866 Yellow Boy.