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Noun1.Cantharellus - a well-known genus of fungusCantharellus - a well-known genus of fungus; has funnel-shaped fruiting body; includes the chanterelles
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Agaricaceae, family Agaricaceae - large family including many familiar mushrooms
Cantharellus cibarius, chantarelle, chanterelle - widely distributed edible mushroom rich yellow in color with a smooth cap and a pleasant apricot aroma
Cantharellus floccosus, floccose chanterelle - a mildly poisonous fungus with a fruiting body shaped like a hollow trumpet
Cantharellus clavatus, pig's ears - an edible agaric with a brown fruiting body that is often compound
Cantharellus cinnabarinus, cinnabar chanterelle - mushroom with a distinctive pink to vermillion fruiting body
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For example, the yellow chanterelle mushroom found in most Eugene food markets this time of year is from fungi that live year-round in forest floor "biomass." The mushroom's mycelium help fix nitrogen for Douglas fir rootlets, enabling healthy trees to grow, or, if the forest has been cut, helping new tree starts to survive.
My friend selected roasted loin of Balmoral venison, Jerusalem artichoke, yellow chanterelle and Alsace bacon bourgignon, Yukon gold potato (PS24).
The yellow Chanterelle mushrooms we sbld at the pub fresh.