Yellow copper ore

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a sulphide of copper and iron; copper pyrites. See Chalcopyrite.

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Among the most remarkable specimens in this collection are green carbonate of lead with quartz, blende with twenty sided crystals and green fluors in crystals; crystallized antimony, with red blende on quartz, yellow copper ore with opal, and arseniate of copper in cubes of bright green colour.
- Is copper ore, with a thin coat of blue purple color over yellow copper ore, upon which are formed small crystals of copper ore, with prisms of six sides, and truncated ends of a bright steel color, lying fiat on the mammillary or stalactitic ore: a is one of the steel-colored crystals of copper ore, a little magnified.
Quartz was still silex to some, and yellow copper ore, for example, was yet to be named chalcopyrite.