Yellow earth

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a yellowish clay, colored by iron, sometimes used as a yellow pigment.

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Sina well compounded when the moon stands in the proper House; yellow earths I have - arplan from China that makes a man renew his youth and astonish his household; saffron from Kashmir, and the best salep of Kabul.
BRITISH theatre companies Extant and Yellow Earth have joined forces to present an ambitious new play Flight Paths which comes to Theatr Clwyd in Mold as part of a UK tour.
Mei Mac (Wolf Totem, Handspring and National Theatre Studio; The Apology and Thatcher in China (Yellow Earth Theatre and National Theatre Studio) plays PhD student Wei, alongside Laura Tipper (City of the Unexpected, National Theatre Wales and Wales Millennium Centre; Tinned Goods, national tour; Peer Gynt, The North Wall) as her housemate Lucy.
Apart from the 1982 Filipino film, other screen treasures included in the lineup are: Chen Kaige's 'Yellow Earth' (1984, China), Yasujiro Ozu's 'Tokyo Story' (1953, Japan), Fruit Chan's 'Made in Hong Kong' (1997, Hong Kong), Yu Hyun-mok's 'Aimless Bullet' (1961, South Korea), Franz Osten's 'Shiraz: A Romance of India' (1928, United Kingdom), Juzo Itami's 'Tampopo' (1985, Japan), R.
According to the Eastern calendar, on February 16, 2018, the Earth will pass on to the Yellow Earth Dog, a reign which will last until the start of the new astrological cycle on February 4, 2019.
Caption: Figure 1 (Facing Page): TYPE 1-High-top native hide boot moccasins, classic so-called "cactus kickers", with large rounded turned-up "nose" to toe and yellow earth pigment staining to the upper and folded-down top of cuff.
3), capturing the pink and yellow earth that rose upwards from her backyard at Ghost Ranch (where she purchased a house that year), fixes the artist firmly in that mountainous landscape--far away from the built-up urban sprawl of Manhattan.
The results showed that pH, available phosphorus (AP), and available potassium (AK) in yellow earth remained low regardless of season; the lowest levels (among all soils) of total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TN) occurred in yellow earth during spring and summer.
The Lantern Theatre, Blundell Street, 0151 703 0000, Why The Lion Danced Chinese New Year is brought to life in this production featuring live music, song and dance by award-winning Yellow Earth, tomorrow.
But having said that, I wish I could have been more enthusiastic about this collaboration with Yellow Earth, a Londonbased company of East Asian writers and actors.