Yellow snake

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(Zool.) a West Indian boa (Chilobothrus inornatus) common in Jamaica. It becomes from eight to ten long. The body is yellowish or yellowish green, mixed with black, and anteriorly with black lines.

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It was haste killed the Yellow Snake that ate the sun.
MISHA NEON YELLOW SNAKE CLEAR BLOCK HEELS: Featuring an ankle buckle fastening and a block heel.
The buxomLove Islandbeauty donned a bright yellow snake skin print shirt dress and a black corset over a skimpy yellow slip dress as she attended the launch of Cafe de Paris in London.
But Granny Lil had a change of heart after Benny alerted her to the imminent danger of the brown and yellow snake, close to biting her big toe.
The yellow snake was found on land off Neath Road in Crynant, by a man walking his dog yesterday morning.
The yellow snake was found on land offNeathRoad in Crynant, by a man walking his dog on Sunday morning.
For starters, she encouraged me to improve my dancing skills (I mean, how epic was her 2001 VMA's performance where she danced on stage with a yellow snake?).
She adds smaller elements into the composition, such as the yellow snake in the lower right.
It's a marvellous rhyming 'magic ribbon' book all about colours: The little yellow snake grew and grew ...
Yellow snake print platforms, PS52, Topshop Sweatshirt, PS32, and white shirt, PS32, both River Island.
While he sat waiting and hoping for the appearance of game, he heard a small noise in the fronds above and, with a plop, a brilliant red, black and yellow snake that had fallen from above landed on his lap!
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