Yellow wash

(Pharm.) yellow oxide of mercury suspended in water, - a mixture prepared by adding corrosive sublimate to limewater.

See also: Yellow

References in classic literature ?
And what would a sub-chanter of the sixteenth century say, on beholding the beautiful yellow wash, with which our archiepiscopal vandals have desmeared their cathedral?
Digetex Home is never slow to pick up on a trend, and their Isabella Yellow Roller Blind, PS119, scattered with blowsy yellow roses on a yellow wash background, could win compliments for a well-dressed window.
A pale yellow wash on the walls replaced the stodgy wallpaper, giving the room what Hildre describes as a ``warm, inviting and relaxing feel.
With its yellow wash, orange and green pastel, and the figure of the woman reduced to an arched leg abutting a bent, bulging torso, Untitled (Reclining Woman) resembles nothing so much as Untitled (Abstraction in golds and yellows) (c.