Yemeni rial

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Noun1.Yemeni rial - the basic unit of money in YemenYemeni rial - the basic unit of money in Yemen; equal to 100 fils
Yemeni monetary unit - monetary unit in Yemen
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The payment is made on a quarterly basis and on an average, a family receives about 30 USD paid in Yemeni Rial, to help them meet their most urgent needs.
The radio station claims that the campaign raised $295,000 (74,010,000 Yemeni rial).
dollar was worth 215 Yemeni rial. This means that even when food and other critical supplies, like fuel, are available, people can't afford to buy them, all these factors are pushing Yemen to the precipice of the "worst famine [the world has seen] in 100 years," according to the U.N.
The humanitarian crisis in Yemen, already considered the worst in the world, is set to worsen as its currency, the Yemeni rial (YER), rapidly loses its value.
The Yemeni rial has lost about two thirds of its value since Al Houthis ousted the government in late 2014.
JEDDAH, Jan 11 (KUNA) -- Yemen's legitimate government has held Houthi militias accountable for the loss of the country's foreign reserves, and the looting of USD 5.2 billion, as well as a trillion Yemeni Rial (USD 4 million).
is a printing operation controlled by businessman Reza Heidari and owned by Tejarat Almas Mobin Holding that procured equipment and materials to print counterfeit Yemeni rial bank notes.
Such factors have put a strain on the country's foreign currency reserves, a fact which experts say could lead to increased pressure on the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY), and an eventual collapse of the country's currency, the Yemeni Rial (YR), in comparison to the dollar.
The central bank last trimmed the rate, a benchmark for commercial banks taking deposits from their customers, in October, when there was a cut of 2 percentage points to 18 per cent as inflation came down to single digits and the Yemeni rial stabilised following political turmoil.
The decline in the Yemeni rial, which hit 250 to the dollar in August, the weakest level in its history, prompted the central bank to intervene numerous times throughout the year.
He had received 200,000 Yemeni Rial ($1,000) for his daughter in 'shart', a Yemeni dowry, which he could not pay back.