Yenisey River

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Noun1.Yenisey River - a Russian river in SiberiaYenisey River - a Russian river in Siberia; rises in mountains near the Mongolian border and flows generally northward into the Kara Sea
Siberia - a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
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A regional railway connects Norilsk to Dudinka, a port city on the Yenisey River. Year-round marine navigation on the western NSR has been maintained to Dudinka since 1979.
The helicopter, en route to an oilfield in the region, crashed near the airport of Igarka and was found lying on its side on the right bank of the Yenisey River, a statement of Russia's Investigative Committee said.
This subset of the show's images--made in Hawaii; the Orkney islands; Wester Ross, in the northwest Highlands of Scotland; the mouth of the Yenisey River on Russia's Arctic coast--might hint at the precariousness of our position in these liminal spaces, a subject that is certainly at the forefront of public consciousness, given the ever-increasing threat of hurricanes and rising tides.
Later, some of their tribes migrated to the region that is currently southern Siberia, and settled along the Yenisey River, where they lived from the 6th until the 8th centuries.
The pipeline should include a segment that will cross the Yenisey river, which will be very costly.
Such programs as cruising along Yenisey river or around the Commander islands (Commander islands reserve), birdwatching in Lena river delta (Ust-Lensky reserve) and hiking through Far Eastern taiga (Lazovsky reserve, Khassansky nature park) form traditional ecotourism offer in these regions.
Three crazy guys would as they raft their way down the 5,500-kilometer Yenisey River.
Also bullish was the news that the Russian port of Dudinka, used by Norilsk for its nickel exports, would shut on 24 May as it became blocked by melting ice on the Yenisey River. This is an annual event but does interrupt the flow of metal to the market place.
It burned an area from the Sayanskiy Khrebet to the lower stretches of the Yenisey River and from the Ob River to the source of the Lower Tunguska.