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adv.1.Eagerly; briskly; quickly.
My hands and my tongue go so yerne.
- Chaucer.
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Tenders are invited for Sr of mdr 26 to yerne road tal jaoli dist satara
Por otra parte, el caso de La Plata se aleja mucho de estos postulados, para posicionarse como resultado de ensonaciones mecanicas y criterios higienistas difundidos por Julio Yerne.
Y yemede vpon that house and yerne theron loked, Whough the pileres weren y-peynt and pulched fill dene, And queynteli i-coruen with curiouse knottes, Wyth wyndowes well y-wrought wide vp o-lofte .
Then mournes all be Messedones / and mayntene him yerne Makis ther mane for pat man / and many othire noble For maistris and mynistris / menere and grettere That was in morsels magged / and martrid a hundrethe.
20) All returns to normal in Arthur's playful court after the Green Knight departs, but the Gawain-poet now hints that some changes will arise in the court as he describes the passage of time and the effects it bears: "A yere yernes ful yerne, and yeldez neuer lyke, / The forme to the fynisment foldez ful selden" (498-99).
Drain From Shri, Prabhakar Yerne To Chinnu Sidam House & Shri, Chandu Madavi To Rangaji Karpate At Welgur (Tola ) & Shri,Ravindra Salpalwar House To Shri Gajanan Ramteke House At Welgur & Construction Of Slab Drain Near Shri,Ravindra Salpalwar House At Welgur & Near Shri,Lachma Buccha Padgel House At Welgur & Near Shri,Dashrath Karpate House At Welgur (Tola ) Tah: Aheri, Dist: Gadchiroli.
Gawayn was glad to begynne those games in halle, Bot thagh the ende be hevy have ye no wonder; For thagh men bene mery in mynde when thay han mayn drynk, A yere yirnes ful yerne, and yeldes never lyke.
Books within these services are stations ~ purifying ~ Amay, d ~ Avernas-le-Bauduin, d ~ Awans, d ~ Engis, Waremme, of ~ Yerne and pumping station ~ Amay ; - lot 3: Verviers-Malmedy (Zone III).
Tenders are invited for Providing lowering, laying pvc distribution system 110mm at natraj takies to ayappa mandir road, sangit nagar, rahul nagar, jain mandir sabhagruh to rajendra bhutad house to dilip yerne house, sumitra nagar, chandrapur
Con estos proyectos viene a solaparse a inicios de los 2000 el GDRCRM, englobando once Municipios (Belmonte de Miranda, Candamo, Grado, Illas, Las Regueras, Proaza, Quiros, Santo Adriano, Somiedo, Teverga y Yernes y Tameza) con 23.
Otros proyectos con similares presupuestos y resultados son, entre otros, el Arboreto de Yernes y Tameza--tambien en estado de abandono--, la promocion de la pelicula ?
La prueba de esta metodologia de reconocimiento e identificacion se realizo en los concejos asturianos de Ponga, Santo Adriano, Yernes y Tameza, Pesoz y Santa Eulalia de Oscos.