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or ye·shi·vah  (yə-shē′və)
n. Judaism
1. An institute of learning where students study sacred texts, primarily the Talmud.
2. An elementary or secondary school with a curriculum that includes religion and culture as well as general education.

[Hebrew yəšîbâ, from yāšab, to sit; see wṯb in Semitic roots.]


(jəˈʃiːvə; Hebrew jəˈʃiːva)
n, pl -vahs or -voth (Hebrew -vɔt)
1. (Judaism) a traditional Jewish school devoted chiefly to the study of rabbinic literature and the Talmud
2. (Judaism) a school run by Orthodox Jews for children of primary school age, providing both religious and secular instruction
[from Hebrew yěshībhāh a sitting, seat, hence, an academy]


or ye•shi•vah

(yəˈʃi və)

n., pl. -vas or -vahs.
1. an Orthodox Jewish school for the religious and secular education of children of elementary school age.
2. an Orthodox Jewish school of higher instruction in Jewish learning, chiefly for students preparing to enter the rabbinate.
[1925–30; < Hebrew (post-Biblical) yəshībhāh]
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Noun1.yeshiva - an academy for the advanced study of Jewish texts (primarily the Talmud)yeshiva - an academy for the advanced study of Jewish texts (primarily the Talmud)
academy - a school for special training
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Yeshiva University and yeshivas everywhere may be justly proud of the terrific accomplishment of the YU college bowl team.
The event was only one of several wake up calls planned for today in response to a bill giving millions of state funds to students studying at Yeshivas, schools for Judaic studies.
CDATA[ NU chairman warns Defense Minister his threats to cut off hesder yeshivas could have dire consequences.
Merkin was a trustee on Yeshivas board and served as chairman of the investment committee; he also stepped down from his positions.
There's Mark, a lover of study who's been kicked out of numerous yeshivas for being gay.
Specifically, callers frequently claimed to be employed by Yeshivas when, in fact, they were not.
Lithuanian yeshivas of the nineteenth century; creating a tradition of learning.
CDATA[ Barak's warnings regarding the hesder yeshivas are 'a gun without bullets,' Likud politician and writer Boaz HaEtzni says.
In the 1920s, administrators at some yeshivas began to promote sports among their students to make them well-rounded.
CDATA[ UTJ MK says planned cut to yeshivas was 30% of their budget while total cut to education budget was only 1%.
CDATA[ FM says he will not vote with the government in no-confidence votes, blames decision to reduce cuts to yeshivas while keeping cuts to Aliyah.
It's also one of the largest and most elite yeshivas in the world; as of 2012, its student body numbered more than 6,500.