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"Only 52,100 Yezidi Kurds have returned to Sinjar, and only 20 percent have returned to areas south of Mount Sinjar, which includes the city of Sinjar and its villages," the Agency said.
Yezidi Kurds live in Turkey and Syria, but several hundred thousand are concentrated in Iraq's Nineveh and Dohuk governorates, divided among areas controlled by the Iraqi government, the Kurdistan Regional Government and those occupied by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as ISIL, ISIS, or Daesh).
Two thousand Yezidi Kurds escaped from ISIS The Globe Director of Yezidi issues at the Duhok Endowment Directorate said that till now 1,901 captured Yezidi Kurds have escaped or been freed from the Islamic State terrorists.
In publicizing their killing of "unbelievers," including Shiites and Yezidi Kurds, ISIS have plumbed a new inhumanity.
Citizens erected barricades to the entrance of each neighbourhood after the recent attacks in the Sinjar area which claimed the lives of more than 500 Yezidi Kurds. Arab-Kurdish tension continues in Mosul.
A facsimile of a memorandum reminds readers not to call an Iraqi Kurd "a 'dog' under any circumstances." A journalist's album casually identifies a group of Yezidi Kurds as "Devil-worshippers." An Iranian soldier holds up by the hair the head of a dead Kurdish leader so his face can be snapped.