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also Yg·dra·sil  (ĭg′drə-sĭl, üg′-)
n. Norse Mythology
The great ash tree that holds together earth, heaven, and hell by its roots and branches.

[Old Norse.]
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(ˈɪɡdrəsɪl) ,




(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth the ash tree that was thought to overshadow the whole world, binding together earth, heaven, and hell with its roots and branches
[Old Norse (probably meaning: Uggr's horse), from Uggr a name of Odin, from yggr, uggr frightful + drasill horse, of obscure origin]
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or Yg•dra•sil

(ˈɪg drə sɪl, ˈüg-)

(in Norse myth) a great ash tree situated in the center of the world, with roots extending into Asgard and Niflheim.
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Noun1.Yggdrasil - (Norse mythology) a huge ash tree whose roots and branches hold the earth and Heaven and Hell together
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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In a new video, Nintendo not only showcased the Hero in action, but also unveiled the Yggdrasil's Altar stage and several orchestrated music tracks from classic DRAGON QUEST games coming to Super Smash Bros.
(13-14) Byatt lists all the animals mentioned in Old Icelandic sources that live in, on, or at the foot of Yggdrasil, nibbling its leaves or roots, but she adds to them and to such processes as spreading mulch, supplying the worms beneath, who in turn supply root food.
The official description of the game reads, "Embark on a grand and epic quest as the Luminary-the hero chosen by Yggdrasil, the world tree, to save the world of Erdrea from an evil fate.
He also considers the nature of myth; North mythology as cynosure; the emerging gestalt: Yggdrasil, Norns, and runes; and the wisdom of Odin.
Shadow performs Wednesday's vigil by hanging on a world tree, situated in Virginia, for nine days, paralleling Odin's hanging on the world tree Yggdrasil. While hanging on the world tree, Shadow gains insight into the events of the proposed war and realizes that this conflict is really a conspiracy between Wednesday and Shadow's former prison cell mate, Low Key Lyesmith, who turns out to be the Norse trickster god Loki who also pretends to be the most powerful of the new gods, Mr.
The company's "Silvertree" logo is inspired by Yggdrasil, the World Tree, which is featured in Nordic mythology.
MY GENETK DESIGN Kits arrived in abox bearing a stylized version of Yggdrasil, the world tree in Norse mythology, with a twist of the DNA double-helix as part of its trunk.
Several Swedish game manufacturers are also available, such as Elk Studios, NetEnt, NYX Gaming, Thunderkick and Yggdrasil.
Research for the present study has received funding from the Research Council of Norway under the Yggdrasil mobility programme 2013-2014 (project number 227293/F11).
His discovery of the Tessaract, an artifact of immense power, within a carving of Yggdrasil, the 'world tree' of Norse mythology, extends the Nazi predilection for the occult into the party's obsession with their supposed Nordic past.
Her Possession makes references to two mythological stories in the main: the pagan Anglo-Saxon myth of Yggdrasil (or an ash tree at the center of the universe) and the myth of Melusina (Ilkhani, "Old" 122-8).