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"Yis, sir," quod he, "yis, host."
- Chaucer.
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A newcomer last year was Eastern arms and armour dealer Runjeet Singh, who returns with armour from the Yi people of south-west China and a group of items relating to the famous Indian ruler Tipu Sultan.
(2) Department of Endocrinology, Lin Yi People's Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University, Linyi, Shandong 276003, China
from Yunnan dedicates in developing long-history Chinese Yi people costume culture.
Central is the historical agency of the province's Nasu branch of the Yi people, today one of China's fifty-six official ethnicities.
8-12 International Symposium on Buckwheat and the Dietary Culture of the Yi People. Xichang, China.
Now the Conservancy is working to develop community-based ecotourism with local governments, and the Naxi and Yi people of Lashihai and Wenhai villages.
And the Dipper-tempered calendar kept by the Yi people of China's Yunnan Province reveals that the year begins in winter, when the Dipper is east of Polaris in the early evening with its Handle dangling toward the ground.