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(Greek jɔˈanina) or


(Placename) a city in NW Greece: belonged to the Serbs (1349–1430) and then the Turks (until 1913); seat of Ali Pasha, the "Lion of Janina", from 1788 to 1822. Pop: 78 000 (2005 est). Serbian name: Janina


(yɔˈɑ ni nɑ, ˈyɑ ni nɑ)

a city in NW Greece. 44,362.
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The end-of-season playoffs, which determine Greece's second Champions League spot and Europa League representatives, will be contested between PAOK Salonica, Asteras Tripolis, Atromitos and PAS Yiannina.
PAOK ended their regular campaign with a deserved 2-0 home win over Yiannina thanks to second-half goals from Giorgos Georgiadis and Kostas Katsouranis to finish as runners-up in the table.
He recalled: "We were playing Yiannina in a vital match a month ago and the crowd went BERSERK.