yield management

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yield′ man`agement

the process of frequently adjusting the price of a product in response to various market factors, as demand or competition.
gestion de tauxtarification en temps réel
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Yet the BLM has allocated a mere 19 percent of the planning area to long-term sustained yield management under the proposed plan.
of Fort Smith said last week that Chris Baltz, the trucking firm's senior vice president of yield management and strategic development, was leaving the company, leading to some shuffling of responsibilities at the firm.
While using yield management software is not currently the industry standard, some say the buzz around the pricing tool may be the beginning of an industry revolution--much like the revolution in the airline, hotel and car rental world, years ago.
Recently, the industry has become enamored of the so-called "Yield Management" tools, but Burkey and Roseland were ahead of the curve with their own yield management tool years ago.
has purchased its Genesis yield management software for deployment across all of AMD's integrated circuit fabrication sites worldwide.