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"Yis, sir," quod he, "yis, host."
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Yis," he agreed, "it's a day's wor-rk we're after doin', but what are we goin' to be doin' wid it now we got it?"
At the join of the blade and hilt, a loose fitting plaque is engraved with the words 'Yis Thrusande Claiffoff Metell gud aeft Tynt 3 hits Shynn in Saxonys Blud'.
The YIS 7-sign algorithm was adopted by the WHO in an updated young infant component of the 'integrated management of childhood illness' (IMCI) protocols,16 and has become a standard clinical assessment tool in many young infant health care delivery programmes and community-based research studies in low-resource settings.
If f: X [right arrow] Yis a soft precontinuous and soft [alpha]-open mapping, then [f.sup.-1]((B,K)) [member of] SPO(X) for each (B,K) [member of] SPO(Y).
Yis for Yeti - At Cheltenham more likely to be seen than a sober Irishman.
On the last penalty corner, Song Yis brilliant attempt struck the cross bar to the dismay of his teammates.
Significant differences were found in academic grades for year in high school (YIS), F(3, 186) = 3.39, p < .05 (ninth-grade M = 73.6, 10th-grade M = 74.7, 11th-grade M = 74.7, 12th-grade M = 80.2); for participants in an academic enrichment program (AEP), t(38.86) = 2.25, p < .05 (AEP M= 79.7 vs.
K-1 - See ma, (my name is not seema, it translates into - look dear) this yis a narth-south divide wonly.
The village is split into two familial factions--the commoner Hungs currently in favor with the Japanese administration versus the Yis one-time nobility recently removed from township governance.
YIS for "Yer rang, m'lud?" Daniel Mangan, the last pantry boy hired by the previous Earl of Derby, is now the Jeeves des nos jours for the 19th Lord and Lady Derby, not so much shimmying as zipping around their Knowsley Hall ancestral seat.