a. & adv.1.Like; alike.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For instance, in many recipes the ingredients are not followed by a precise weight but by an expression yliche moche, which allows the physician to decide on the amount of the ingredients, e.g.
Take of storax, mire, opium, ana, id est, yliche moche.
Interestingly, the term ana, a Latin equivalent of yliche moche (see (15) above), is often followed by a specified weight.
320 Ri3twynesse is no[??]er in fastyng ne in etyng, bot [??]ou art ri3thwis 3if hit alle yliche to [??]e: despite and praysyng, pouert and richesses, hongur and delites, nede and plente.
For thorugh that synne thi sone sent was to this erthe And bicam man of a maide mankynde to save-- And madest Thiself with Thi sone us synfulle yliche:
As of the secte of which that he was born, He kepte his lay, to which that he was sworn; And therto he was hardy, wys, and fiche, And pitou and just, alwey yliche; Sooth of his word, benign, and honorable; Of his corage as a centre stable; Yong, fresh and strong, in armes desirous As any bachelor oral his hous (V: 12-24) (7).