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imp.1.Went; walked; proceeded.
Quer [whether] they rade [rode] or yode.
- Cursor Mundi.
Then into Cornhill anon I yode.
- Lydgate.
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Todo eso venia de Estados Unidos y era algo aspiracional, y no queriamos oir hablar--muchos, no solo yode los valores nacionalistas.
This trope was taken up by all Zouglou artists and certain artists like Soum Bill, Les Garagistes, or Yode & Siro are very skilled in this style.
7) See, for example, on the 'policy' of Ivoirite under Bedie: Petit Yode and L'Enfant Siro, 'Tu sais qui je suis' (You know who I am) from the album Victoire.
Eje del tercio distal de la tibia 10 de varo en pie izquierdo yode varo en el derecho.
Sicker this morrowe, ne lenger agoe, I sawe a shole of shepeheardes outgoe, With singing, and shouting, and jolly chere: Before them yode a lusty Tabrere, That to the many a Home pype playd, Whereto they dauncen eche one with his mayd.
that him did beare / With crooked crawling steps an vncouth pase, / And backward yode [went], as Bargemen wont to fare / Bending their force contrary to their face, / Like that vngracious crew which faines demurest grace" (7.
34) Though far readier to approve of Christian political advocacy and to consider participation in some governmental functions, (35) Yode also agreed with Hershberger (and early Anabaptists) that God's ordering of the state did not automatically warrant Christian participation in the state.
In Middle English, the preterite eode survived as either yode, which exhibits stress shift from the first to the second element of the diphthong, or as 3e-(o)de, yede, etc.
But in his Englische Sprache, published a year earlier, Brunner (1962: 283) states that yode and yede were preserved until the 16th century, the e-form even later.
1450 Shrop (wWM) Myrc Festial [296] - 1 (18) yode wende went(e) c.
12954 Bot herdili he [pe warlau] yode him nerr, Qua herd euer best sua bald [57]
In spite of scant statistical data, a more frequent use of went than yode is evident.