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v. t.1.To unite closely.
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One of the aims when the YOTs were set up in 1999 was to bring together all the people that work with young people - social workers, probation officers, police officers, education staff, health staff, mental-health providers, drug workers.
Jamie is on an intensive supervision and surveillance programme, with several members of the YOT staff working closely with him.
Heather Walton, YOT manager, said: "We are indebted to the volunteers.
The findings in this article are drawn from fourteen months of fieldwork undertaken during 2012-13 for doctoral research which explored how the concept of 'risk' has impacted on YOT practice.
Health specialists at YOT helped him with anger management and relaxation techniques and he stopped smoking cannabis.
This had been put down to her heavy drinking, but a detailed diary she was asked to keep by the YOT eventually showed all the violence was before she had a period and the lost time turned out to be caused by epilepsy.
YOT probation officer Zarah Newman said youth offenders' panels were now being formed in response to a new court order, which would come into force in April next year.
This will inevitably result in the dominance of binary forms of risk management, a process that will be exacerbated in the long run by the haemorrhaging of skilled probation staff towards YOT and social work.
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The script for the reenactment has been written by YOT officer Nicola Shenton, while the cast will be made up of magistrates, along with district judge Stephen Earl, who plays the role of a defence solicitor.
Describing the Cabbage Tree Island Race, in which Limit finished within sight of the three TP52s, Ragamuffin, Wot Now (Graeme Wood) and Wot Yot (Bill Sykes), Limit's sailing master Roger Hickman said it bad been a tactically demanding race.
The YOT has a health worker called Janine Lees who has been a nurse, midwife, health visitor and also has a degree in psychology.