You're welcome

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You're welcome   
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I don't know what you're doing here, but you're welcome."
You look down on this, and you're welcome to,--and go away, in God's name go away!" he shrieked, getting up from his chair.
"You're welcome, sir," she said, in a slow voice, with an accent that seemed oddly familiar to Philip.
Lord, but you're welcome! Many's the time I've wondered where the descendants of the schoolmaster were living.
It ain't o' no use saying welcome to you, but you're welcome, kind and hearty.'
"God knows you're welcome to it - so far as it was ever mine," returned Joe, with a saving remembrance of Mrs.
"Dad, you're welcome to your own jedgment, but remember I've warned ye.
Bogsby, "to haggle about money," though he looks something sharply after it, over the counter; "give your orders, you two gentlemen, and you're welcome to whatever you put a name to."
'I haven't got another, but you're welcome to this,' said Wegg, resigning it.
"Of course, so long as it amuses you, you're welcome; but we have to remember that we are going to spend our lives together.
Is "No problem" as close as some get to saying "You're welcome"?
Nation, you're welcome. The book, a second edition after twelve years, takes its title from a sign Halliday saw in Ubud, Bali.