Young Edward

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, Edward 1683-1765.
English poet known for his dramatic monologue Night Thoughts (1742-1745).
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Madame de Villefort was sitting on an ottoman and impatiently turning over the leaves of some newspapers and pamphlets which young Edward, by way of amusing himself, was tearing to pieces before his mother could finish reading them.
Young Edward was unfit to fight at The Front, having been born with flatfeet and a deformed middle finger on his right hand.
Mike admits to having been being sceptical when Corbyn was elected two years ago but young Edward has been a staunch supporter all along.
YOUNG EDWARD (TED) Passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family in hospital on April 16th aged 86 years.
Had young Edward Oxford had his way on a sunny day in 1840, the British Empire might never have existed; our great Royal dynasty stretching all the way to young Prince George would never have been born.
1483: The young Edward V acceded to the throne on the death of Edward IV.
Born the son of a London clerk, the young Edward was nephew to the Pre-Raphaelite painter Arthur Hughes (1832-1915), who painted a portrait of him, barefoot and in his night-gown, when Hughes was two-and-a-half years old.
The battle, which lasted an incredible eight hours, ended in the almost complete destruction of the Lancastrian party of King Henry VI (who was not present himself on the field) and Queen Margaret of Anjou and the vindication of the claim of the Yorkist pretender, the young Edward IV.
Mr Jordan wrote: "Alf, it is said, painted a gloomy picture of the UK distribution business, but the young Edward was not convinced and seeing Alf 's professional operation gave him the impetus to expand his father's business.
Young Edward, who grew up in a Catholic family, from his childhood days saw no other path in life but to become a priest.
DUBAI Ramez Azzem was crowned the 2013 Kartdrome SWS Ramadan Challenge champion in Dubai on Monday, but it was young Edward Jones who stole the show on the hot and humid night in the fourth and final round of the hard fought series.
Author Daniel Wallace's fantasticating fable is a perfect fit for the musical-theater medium, because the father-and-son conflict that drives its story is set against a storybook-like narrative inhabited by a gentle giant, lady seahorses, a werewolf, a pair of conjoined twins, a love-struck maiden, and an elderly witch (Katie Thompson), who gives young Edward a vision of his future-his death

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