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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Also present were members of the 1st St Helen Auckland Scout Group and St John's 'Youthy Project', who both make regular use of Auckland Castle's community outreach activities and acres of grounds, as well as Ian Graham, who says volunteering at the venue has helped give his life a new sense of purpose after spending more than two years unemployed.
The Dunston Youthy Mile is taking place on Sunday, March 20, where participants can choose to walk or run one, three or six miles.
ANNAGH UNITED YOUTHY : Johnny Sharp, Thomas McIntosh, Luke McCartney, Jordan Mawhinney, Kyle McMurray, Ben Davison, Darragh Gray, Zach Capper, Jackson Nesbitt, Rhys Calvert, Dillon Hughes.
Nobody looked at us and thought, 'Oh, their youthy dew has gone.' Other than their hair, that's about it."
Yerk (1520) takes the versatility prize: 'to draw stitches tight'; 'to crack a whip', 'to fling heels', 'to carp at.' Johnson adds 'to throw out, or moves with a spring.' His Ys embrace yellowboy 'a gold coin,' dubbing it "a very low word" (it conies from john Wilson's 1662 play The Cheats), also youthy 'young, youthful.
The VIBE Youth Club is one of the Youth sessions delivered at the Youthy; it is for young people aged seven to 25 years with physical and learning disabilities.
The project came in joint first place with St John's Youthy, based in Shildon, which helps young people turn their lives around to become good citizens.
The Flatts Youthy Centre, which has been open since 1999, welcomes over 100 people through its doors every week and is home to a number of community projects, including events and clubs for young people from the local area.
The group of 11-18 year olds attend 'The Youthy' which is based at the River Alt Resource Centre.
AFTER 10 weeks of hard work, 15 young people from the Five Lamps Youthy are now proud to announce their silk paintings, which are hanging proudly on display in the glass windows of The Youthy.
There is also a weekly drama group for disabled children and young people, Acting Up, which is due to meet every Tuesday (until March 27) at The Youthy on Woolfall Heath Avenue, Huyton.
Known as a 'youthy on wheels' it operates on five nights a week and takes health literature out to teenagers who may be in need it.