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1. A tree (Citrus junos) native to China and widely cultivated in Japan for its round, golden-yellow fruit.
2. The fruit of this tree, having sour juice used in sauces and dressings and an aromatic rind used as flavoring.

[Japanese, possibly from Mandarin yòuzi, pomelo fruit (from Mandarin yòu, pomelo from Middle Chinese jiw` + Mandarin zi, n. suff.; see gyoza) or possibly from earlier Japanese yusu, yu no su (Japanese yu, yuzu from Mandarin yòu, pomelo + Japanese no, possessive particle + Japanese su, vinegar).]
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(Botany) a citrus fruit about the size of a golf ball, a hybrid of a primitive citrus called Ichang papeda and a mandarin, which grows on tall trees in Japan and has a strong sour flavour. Its rind and juice are a popular ingredient in Japanese cookery
[C21: Japanese]
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Youzi [phrase omitted] [traveler, sojourner] are returning home, families are reuniting, and friends meet again.
Yet following this with the question of "what exactly is nostalgia?" suggests a sense of unacquaintedness, a new facet to the concept as far as Li's intended audience of the youzi, "traveler," is concerned.
Zhao, 2015), and its usage alongside the phrase the "faraway youzi" paints a bifurcated image of the wandering traveler and the fixed home village.
There are enough instances in the text, however, in which another named master is speaking (e.g., Zengzi [phrase omitted], Youzi [phrase omitted], or Ji Kangzi [phrase omitted]) or in which the speaker is another disciple of Confucius (e.g., Zizhang [phrase omitted], Zilu [phrase omitted], or Yanyuan [phrase omitted]), whom the text justifiably could call a master just as well.
(28.) Ten refer to Zixia [phrase omitted], nine to Zengzi [phrase omitted], five to Zigong [phrase omitted], three to Ziyou [phrase omitted], two to Zizhang [phrase omitted], and one to Youzi [phrase omitted].
The second saying in the text quotes not from Confucius but from his disciple Youzi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]:
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The product called Guirentang Youzi Jiaonang was found to contain as much as 0.2% of the banned suppressant fenfluramine, the officials said.
The diet product identified Thursday, Guirentang Youzi, is distributed by a company called Guizhou Shengduyunshi Guirentang Zhiyao Gongsi, the officials said.