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v. i.1.See Yex.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Theevening featured composer'ssongs "Bilmzdim", "Geclr bulaq ba", "Sn yadma dund", "Baknn iqlar", "Sevgilim tut limdn", "Mehribanm", "O galzlr, o galzlr", "Gl baraq", "QurbanVerdrdim", "Daha mnd dalzum yox "," Yoxluunu bil-bil "," Ey vtn ", etc
Masters such as Bill Yox, Joe Meder, Rick Carter and Scott Lennard began bringing customers' big deer back to life.
While in YOX plane they are polarized in OX direction since peg's vibrations in OY direction are negligible.
Then, take Z' as an axis and rotate YOX' clockwise by [pi]/2 - [[phi].sub.A] to Y"OX", with the rotation matrix being
Two vehicles taken: Blue Mini Cooper YN56 YOX and black Volkswagen Passat FE08 RYX.
So how would you fancy a trip to the prestigious Hoar Cross Hall in Yox all, Staffordshire?
Yox, "Bonds of Community: Buffalo's German Element, 1853-1871," New York History 66 (1985), 141-63.
The role of the nurse is changing with the shift from acute to ambulatory care settings, and care management is increasingly being emphasized as the essential function of registered nurses in HMOs (Yox, 1995).