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For example, John Russell's Boke of Nurture, 'a complete Manual for the Valet, Butler, Footman, Carver, Taster, Dinner-arranger, Hippocras-maker, Usher and Marshal of the Nobleman of the time when the work was written, the middle of the fifteenth century' (cix), recommends the service of 'Waffurs to ete / ypocras to drynk' as part of the third course of a dinner of flesh (166, 11 715), the fourth course of a dinner of fish (168, 1.759), and the end of a feast for a franklin (171, 1.816).
Take a galoun off white wyne, ij lib sugur, vj unce synamon, ij unces greynes, j unce cardamom, ij unce galingale: meng wyne & pouder togeder & lette yt penn thoro a bag lyke as bu doyst ypocras.
108r-128r Title: Of the crafte of phisonomye which doth trete of the qualitees and Condicions of ich membre of man and of the Image of ypocras which Arestotele wrote to kynge Allisaunder (fol.
1340-1400) attested to the learning of the physician in The Canterbwy Tales, when he wrote, "Wel knew he th'olde Esculapius, And Deiscorides and eek Rufus, Old Ypocras, and Haly, and Galien; Serapion, Razes, and Avicen ..." (33) Al-Razi, carved in stone and holding a book, joins Galen and Hippocrates again in an early seventeenth-century stone frieze of ten renowned medical authorities commissioned to celebrate the first pharmacy in the German county of Lippe.
Wel knew he the olde Esculapius, And Deyscorides, and eek Rufus, Olde Ypocras, Haly, and Galyen, Serapion, Razis, and Avycen, Averrois, Damascien, and Constantyn, Bernard, and Gatesden, and Gilbertyn.
Rubinus now sings the macaronic Ypocraslied, one of the oldest elements in the Mercator interlude: Hye komt meister Ypocras de gratia divina (5) Sin muter eym meister eyner sclegel vras in arte medicina.