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The rubric of Secrees in Takamiya MS 33 puts Aristotle on the first folio of the manuscript: "Of the crafte of phisonomye whiche doth trete of the qualitees and condicions of the membre of man and of the Image of Ypocras whiche Arestotele wrote to kynge Alisaunder.
1340-1400) attested to the learning of the physician in The Canterbwy Tales, when he wrote, "Wel knew he th'olde Esculapius, And Deiscorides and eek Rufus, Old Ypocras, and Haly, and Galien; Serapion, Razes, and Avicen .
omnis PV 10 Ippocras L: Ypocras PV Ipocrates H 12 titalum L: titulum HPV//augmentum HV: ogmentum L om.
Wel knew he the olde Esculapius, And Deyscorides, and eek Rufus, Olde Ypocras, Haly, and Galyen, Serapion, Razis, and Avycen, Averrois, Damascien, and Constantyn, Bernard, and Gatesden, and Gilbertyn.