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n. pl. Yuchi or Yu·chis
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting northern Georgia and eastern Tennessee, with a present-day population in Oklahoma.
2. The language of the Yuchi, of no known linguistic affiliation.

[Probably Cherokee yutsi.]
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The final case is the famous Tang general Yuchi Jingde [phrase omitted] (585-658), a legendary hero in both official history and folklore, commonly known by his style name Jingde.
(Sun Moon Lake is at Yuchi, Nantou County) Transportation is so reliable inTaiwan.
Intermediary Zone 6-7: Comanche; Huron, Wyandot; Lenape; Tuscarora; Potawatomi; Kalapuya; Takelma; Shasta, Chimariko; Alsea; Achomavi; Yana; Yuki; Lassik, Catho; Kolchan; Hare; Eastern Cree; Han; Beaver; Slavey, Dogrib; Osage, Kansa; Oto; Eastern Keres; Western Keres; Chumash; Lower Chinook; Alabama, Koasati; Creek, Seminole; Cherokee; Natchez; Yuchi; Choktaw, Chichasaw; Mandan; Hidatsa; Kiowa; Kiowa-Apache;
At 18 years old, Qiu married Wang Mei [phrase omitted], who is the eldest daughter of Wang Zhengzhong [phrase omitted] of Longxi (a county in Hokkien province, also known as Wang Yuchi Yourong [phrase omitted], who called herself "The Lady of East Gate." According to Qiu Shuyuan's description in Shuyuan Zhuitan, Wang Mei liked reading and was talented in poetry writing.
Yuchi, "The design and analysis of split row-column addressing array for 2-D transducer," Sensors, vol.
Sb, Yc, Kt, Wk, and Mp indicate the Sarabetsu, Yuchi, Koetoi, Wakkanai, and Masuporo formations, respectively.
SHAWNEE: The Shawnee were a very mobile people, the snow birds of their time; they mingled with the Lenape, Seneca, Miami, Potawatomie, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Catawba, Yuchi, Chickasaw, and Sauk-Fox, to name a few.
En algunos sitios de las partes altas hay bosquecillos aislados de nogal criollo con laurel del cerro, ceibo saltei?1/2o, cochucho, chalchal; en las partes bajas son de tipa blanca con cebil colorado, horco cebil, lecheri?1/2n, chalchal, yuchi?1/2n (Ceiba chodatii), ui?1/2a de gato (Macfadyena unguis-cati) como elementos de selva de transicii?1/2n y en las mi?1/2rgenes de los arroyos sauce criollo (Salix humboldtiana) y Eucaliptus sp., esta i?1/2ltima, tambii?1/2n como especie exi?1/2tica.
Including work from the Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), Chickasaw, Yuchi, Cherokee, Koasati (Coushatta), Atakapa-Ishak, Catawba, and Houma, this comprehensive collection contains essays, folktales, hymns, creation myths, prophecies, and more--both from members of tribes forcibly displaced by relocation and those who remained hidden within their ancestral homelands.
Sun Moon Lake, a major tourist attraction located in Yuchi Township, is a big natural lake in Taiwan.