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A language family constituting the languages of the Quechan and Mohave peoples and other Native American languages of western Arizona and adjacent parts of California and Mexico.

Yu′man adj.


(Languages) a family of North American Indian languages spoken chiefly in Arizona, California, and Mexico
(Languages) relating to or belonging to this family of languages


(ˈyu mən)

a family of languages spoken by American Indian peoples of the lower Colorado River valley and adjacent areas in W Arizona, S California, and N Baja California.
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Noun1.Yuman - a group of language of the Hokan family in Arizona and California and MexicoYuman - a group of language of the Hokan family in Arizona and California and Mexico
Hokan, Hoka - a family of Amerindian languages spoken in California
Akwa'ala - the Yuman language spoken by the Akwa'ala
Cochimi - the Yuman language spoken by the Cochimi
Cocopa, Cocopah - the Yuman language spoken by the Cocopa
Diegueno - the Yuman language spoken by the Diegueno
Havasupai - the Yuman language spoken by the Havasupai
Kamia - the Yuman language spoken by the Kamia
Kiliwa, Kiliwi - the Yuman language spoken by the Kiliwa
Maricopa - the Yuman language spoken by the Maricopa and the Halchidhoma
Mohave, Mojave - the Yuman language spoken by the Mohave
Hualapai, Hualpai, Walapai - the Yuman language spoken by the Walapai
Yavapai - the Yuman language spoken by the Yavapai
Yuma - the Yuman language spoken by the Yuma
Adj.1.Yuman - of or relating to the language or culture of the Yuma people
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21 announced a partnership with two of the leading names in the world of music and entertainment--Jamie King and Emilio Estefan--who will team up for the first time to develop, produce, choreograph and score the resort's Grand Opening Gala alongside executive producer Bernie Yuman.
To measure the variables with interval, nominal and ordinal features and non-normal distribution, Pearson, Yuman Whitney, and Kruskal Wallis tests have been applied.
She won a huge rebate for this country from the EU, Blair gave most of it back, he signed the "Yuman Rites" bill and the new office his missus opened the next day just happened to deal with, guess what, Yuman Rites
All they have to do is claim they would face apersecutiona back home, like the Sudanese rapist who attacked a 13-year-old girl but has been given indefinite leave to remain here under the Yuman Rites Act.
Hatice ve Nadir arasinda baslayan iliskiye goz yuman evin hanimi, oglunun Hatice'ye evlendigi zaman bile onu terk etmeyecegini soylemesi uzerine cileden cikar ve Hatice'yi evden kovar.
But oncolytic viruses, which can exploit the unique vulnerabilities of these specific cancer cells, are being intensely studied by the Yuman Fong, MD, research laboratory at MSKCC, and have shown promising results.
A similar construction split is described for Jamul Tiipay, a Yuman language of California (Miller 2001:162).
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The little village at San Felipe, also evicted at the same time and moved to Pala, are of Yuman stock.
In the particular case of the Yuman people, this is a resistance challenging the Pueblo Indio project and its related implications in terms of sedentary lifestyle, agricultural economy and the adoption of a scheme of central authority.