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n. pl. Yurok or Yu·roks
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting northwest California along the Pacific coast and lower Klamath River.
2. The language of this people, distantly related to Algonquian.

[Karok yúruk, downstream.]

Yu′rok adj.
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America): Lushootseed; Chehalis, Cowlitz; Upper Chinook; Nez Perce; Western Sahaptin; Lillooet; Shuswap; Thompson; Tillamook; Okanagon, Sanpoil; Kalispel, Coeur dAlene; Kutenai; Quileute, Chemakum; Quinault; Umpqua, Coquille, Tututni; Coos; Yurok; Karok; Klamath, Modoc; Maidu; Pomo; Wintu; Northern Shoshone; Navajo; Jicarilla Apache; Hopi; Tiwa, Tewa, Towa; Western Apache; Zuni; Chiricahua Apache; Lipan Apache; Chemehuevi; Southern Paiute; Walapai, Havasupai, Yavapai; Northern Paiute; Ute; Western Shoshoni, Gosiute; Micmac;
RIGHT NOW, THE USFWS, National Park Service, and Yurok Tribe are working on a plan to release California condors into Redwood National Park in Northern California.
Chris West of Yurok Tribe from Northern California - a region where the large birds have not existed in the wild for over 100 years now - and his colleagues assessed the feasibility of the return of condors to the region by looking at data for two other scavenging birds - turkey vultures and common ravens.
I have been traveling in four geographic areas: Northern California (to Stockton, a bankrupt city, and further up the coast to the Yurok Indian reservation near the Oregon Border), Philadelphia, Baltimore, and most recently South Carolina, to Charleston, and all along the "Corridor of Shame," so named because of the state of its public schools.
He uses Alfred Kroeber's early twentieth-century observations of Yurok law to support the idea that the Yurok are representative of a system which considered crimes to be offenses against individuals, rather than against the larger society (174).
At presstime, there were 16 exhibitors slated for the pavilion: Anatolian Picker, Andy Lloyd, Caravanserai, Collins Gallery, Peter Pap, James Cohen, Daniel Goodman, David Sorgato, DeWitt MallAry, Emir Galerie des Arts Textiles, Fazli Solak, Fred Hazin, Aydin Oriental Carpets, Owen Parry, Tyfik Recai Yaroglu and Yurok Rug Gallery.
MJ: For Notes From the Field, you talked to different types of people, from Yurok tribal judge Abby Abinanti to former inmates.
"They are an extreme version of Native American poverty," said George, a member of Northern California's Yurok tribe.