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a.1.Aware; wary.
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The project, under which freight trains will run from Ywar Thargyi to Myit Nge, will commence in April 2018 and be complete within 12 months.
In these four townships, 15 rural communities (BM: Pin Hin Khar, Tone Poke, Haw Yaw, and Nam Hyin; KL: Kyun Taw, Pulaw Kalone, Cheyar, and Ayigyi; PLB: Waelar, Kha Tet, Ywar Tharyar, and Chaung Phya; and WT: Kan Kone, Binga, and Kyun Pin) were selected for the final field survey (Figure 1).
Then they set fire to another hamlet called Ywar Ma.