a. & n.1.See Sabian.
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A large number of residents of the towns and villages of Abu Hardoub, Zabian, al-Zaman, al-Basira, al-Hawayej, al-Sweidan and Al-Shahil in Eastern Deir Ezzur held protest rallies against the SDF's measures and called for expulsion of the Kurdish fighters from the areas they have occupied.
We hope that through this event we will be able to play a role in bringing our community one step closer to each other," said Samer Zabian, director -- residential and commercial property at Al Futtaim Group Real Estate.
London-based investor Omar Alkhawaja has now acquired a majority in Four Winters Global in a management takeover conducted by current co-founder and CEO, Zeid Zabian.
He and erstwhile Dubizzle general manager of emerging markets Tariq Zabian then sought out a way to make second-hand fashion shopping more accessible using mobile technology.
Zabian and Alex Hutley, who previously held the positions of general manager of
"We want to show fellow residents of Oman that anyone with internet connection can make a difference," says Tariq Zabian, general manager of emerging markets at dubizzle.
This is to show that we are dedicated to Oman, to the point that we will dedicate resources here on the ground as well," said Tariq Zabian, general manager of emerging markets, stating that the team travels to Oman to discuss with users about their experiences.
Addressing the media to announce the campaign, Tariq Zabian, general manager of emerging markets, said; "We want to show fellow residents of Oman that anyone with Internet connection can make a difference.
Wassim Mhanna, the mukhtar of Kfar Zabian, told The Daily Star that the Shabrouh Dam, was nearly empty.
Diaoji litan (no chapter divisions: 220 entries), Jinhuazi zabian (two
In the preliminary bouts, junior welterweight Broderick Antoine (3-5-1, 1) of Troy, N.Y., took a four-round split decision from Anthony Accardi (1-1, 1) of Howard Beach, N.Y., and Boston cruiserweight Mark Clancy (8-0-1, 1) stayed undefeated with a unanimous six-round shutout of Salah Zabian (6-11, 4) of Lee.