a. & n.1.See Sabian.
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He and erstwhile Dubizzle general manager of emerging markets Tariq Zabian then sought out a way to make second-hand fashion shopping more accessible using mobile technology.
Zabian and Alex Hutley, who previously held the positions of general manager of
Professional athletes need a trusted advisor in various fields," states Zabian Dowdell, former NBA player and Co-Founder of Sports Agent 411.
Tariq Zabian, general manager of emerging markets said, This isn't just a marketing campaign.
This is to show that we are dedicated to Oman, to the point that we will dedicate resources here on the ground as well," said Tariq Zabian, general manager of emerging markets, stating that the team travels to Oman to discuss with users about their experiences.
Zabian said there has been a phenomenal growth in Internet usage in the Sultanate in the recent past -- from merely three per cent in 2000 to 68 per cent in 2014, which is a major factor that makes the website popular.
Wassim Mhanna, the mukhtar of Kfar Zabian, told The Daily Star that the Shabrouh Dam, was nearly empty.
Diaoji litan (no chapter divisions: 220 entries), Jinhuazi zabian (two
and Boston cruiserweight Mark Clancy (8-0-1, 1) stayed undefeated with a unanimous six-round shutout of Salah Zabian (6-11, 4) of Lee.
Zabian Dowdell has signed with an NBA agent to pursue his dreams of playing professional basketball.