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(ˌzæk əˈraɪ ə)

also Zach•a•ri•as

(-ˈraɪ əs)

the father of John the Baptist. Luke 1:5.
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Area chief Zachariah Igeria said the floodwaters first swept through the secondary school before the students who were on their way home drowned.
Rizik Zachariah Hassan, Governor of Lol state (UN photo)
Referring to this, Job Zachariah, Chief of Unicef State Office for Tamil Nadu and Kerala said, "We believe that people will listen when Trisha speaks on a social issue concerning children.
Surprisingly, the vampire who tries to attack Creek is an old friend of Lem named Zachariah (Zahn McClarnon), and apparently, he and his crew are looking to make Midnight their new home.
The 31 members of the class of 2017 include Angel Aguilar, Charles Alvarado, Brennhan Bailey, Nick Bazaldua, Christopher Bittick, Dustin Boatright, Kevin Collins, Ethan Danielson, Tori Gramz, Carly Gunter, Rebekah Jacobson, Jonah Land, Caitlyn Leon, Rylee Lewallen, Avery McReynolds, Alexander Moe, Zachariah Ogden, Nellie Olsen, Hannah Pemberton, Dustin Peters, Kassandra Petersen, Kaden Pruett, Elizabeth Remund, Robert Silver, Macey Spinney, Mason Spradley, Trevor Thissell, Daniel Troutt, IviLynn Troutt, Rachelle Villarreal and Colton Walch.
Starting in September 2017 and led by seasoned innovation experts, Zachariah George, Philip Kiracofe, and Paul Nel, a 3-month intense bootcamp will take place in Cape Town, South Africa to scale selected top startups.
Wolfie the Bunny Written by Ame Dyckman Illustrated by Zachariah O'Hora Weston Woods 90 Old Sherman Turnpike, Danbury, CT 06816 www.
Lauderdale; Paul Ettori of the consumer financial services practice group in Orlando; Darryl Graham of the litigation practice group in Miami; Michael Larson of the litigation practice group in Tallahassee; Eric Levine of the consumer financial services practice group in West Palm Beach; Erin Maddocks of the litigation practice group in West Palm Beach; Kimberly Lopez Narbona of the litigation practice group in Orlando; Nicholas Purvis of the fraud & recovery practice group in West Palm Beach; Leanne Reagan of the tax practice group in Miami; liana Tabacinic of the litigation practice group in Miami; and Roy Zachariah of the intellectual properly practice group in West Palm Beach.
Dispatch reporter Holly Zachariah claims in the suit that she first requested the final autopsy reports for the eight Rhoden family members on July 22, the same day she learned the reports were with the coroner.
The Chairman of the committee Zachariah Zachariou said that the meeting would end at midday but would continue next Tuesday, if necessary all day.
You control Zachariah who is a rookie Technomancer, a team of agents with the ability to harness destructive electrical powers which are enhanced by cybernetic implants.
Zachariah suffers his peers' daily taunts ever since a fateful accident on the football field embarrasses him in front of the team.