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Noun1.Zachary Taylor - 12th President of the United StatesZachary Taylor - 12th President of the United States; died in office (1784-1850)
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Metea Valley freshman Zachary Taylor's debut appearance at state featured a ninth-place finish on parallel bars with an 8.9.
A Aaron Burr B John Adams C Benjamin Harrison D Zachary Taylor 10.
Expecting a short conflict, Polk launched an invasion of northern Mexico with the Army of Occupation under the command of Brigadier General Zachary Taylor. Much to Polk's chagrin, the Mexican Army fought hard, and continued to fight hard against Taylor at Monterrey and Buena Vista (Angostura).
Another president who was never voted into office, Fillmore took over when Zachary Taylor died from eating bad fruit and veg.
1850 Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the United States, dies in Washington after serving only 16 months in office.
Hotel Zachary, inspired by world-renowned Wrigley Field architect and Chicagoan, Zachary Taylor Davis, pays homage to its namesake through an effortlessly stylish blend of classic and modern design that creates a timeless aesthetic.
So it came as a shock to them when President Zachary Taylor issued an order revoking their hunting and gathering rights and requiring them to move to "unceded" lands.
One such scholar is Mark Zachary Taylor, a political scientist with a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Also included in many of the profiles are interesting commentary about some of the more unusual aspects of presidents' lives, such as how Zachary Taylor almost ignored his nomination and William Howard-Taft's custom-made bathtub.
In 1784, Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the United States, was born in Orange County, Virginia.
I do not propose to be buried until I am dead.--Daniel Webster of being asked to be Zachary Taylor's running mate