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Noun1.pichi - Peruvian shrub with small pink to lavender tubular flowers; leaves yield a tonic and diuretic
Fabiana, genus Fabiana - genus of South and Central American heathlike evergreen shrubs
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Entre el material faunistico se hallaron restos de guanaco (Lama guanicoe), choique (Rhea pennata), piche (Zaedyus pichiy), liebre europea (Lepus europaeus) y oveja (Ovis avies) (estas dos ultimas en muy bajas proporciones) (Rindel, Cassiodoro y Aragone 2007).
En isla Leones se encontraron tres especies: peludo (Chaetophractus villosus), murcielago orejudo chico (Histiotus montanus) y rata noruega (Rattus norvegicus), mientras que en las islas Tova y Tovita se hallaron cuatro: gato (Felis catus), cuis chico (Microcavia australis), conejo (Oryctolagus cuniculus) y piche (Zaedyus pichiy).
guanicoe, Chaetophractus villosus, Zaedyus pichiy, Rhea sp., Caprinae indet y Equus caballus Semillas de T.
Then there is Eric Ham, a principal of BitFrost, a Penacook life coaching firm, who helps Steere teach those 18 weeks of modules, and Kathy Kuzmick, owner of Zaedyus Therapeutic Massage in Nashua, the newest member of the group.
Petronas now joins Norway's Statoil Hydro, Apache Corp., Murphy Oil, Kosmos Energy, and Chevron, as Suriname ramps-up oil exploration after the discovery of the Zaedyus well in neighbouring French Guiana which, according to Tullow geologists, mirrors the opposite side of the Atlantic, where in Ghana the huge Jubilee field was discovered in 2007.
The update on drilling was issued by Northern Petroleum, a partner in the exploration to the Northwest of the Zaedyus discovery, announced in September 2011.
In French Guiana, NeoScope(+) sourceless formation evaluation while drilling service acquired formation evaluation measurements for Tullow Oil, along with its partners, in a remote exploration well in the Zaedyus field.
The oil exploration group announced that it found oil in its delayed Zaedyus well in French Guiana, reducing the company's exploration risk here, as well as offshore Suriname and Guyana.
International Resource News-March 10, 2011--Northern Petroleum PLC starts drilling Zaedyus prospect(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
Las vizcachas son Langostomus maximus maximus, la variedad que habita en las pampas; los "piches" son de tres tipos: piche lloron (Chaetophractus vellerosus), piche de planicie o de orejas cortas (Zaedyus pichiy) y pichi ciego (Chlamyphorus truncatus).
Fertil--PP conservacion Lihuel Calel) Ischigualasto) Chaetophractus villosus (PM) 1 (hembra adulta) Zaedyus pichiy (PM) 1 (hembra adulta) Didelphis albiventris (PM) Conepatus chinga (PV) 1 (macho adulto) 1 (macho juvenil) Dolichotis patagonum (VU) 1 (hembra juvenil) Pseudalopex griseus (EP) 1 (macho adulto) Pseudalopex gymnocercus (PM) Pseudalopex culpaeus (VU) 1 (macho juvenil) Oncifelis geoffroyi (PV) Lama guanicoe (PV) 1 (macho juvenil) RN 9 Especie y status de (J.