Zagros Mountains

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Zag·ros Mountains

A range of western Iran forming the western and southern borders of the central Iranian plateau and rising to 4,548 m (14,921 ft).

Zagros Mountains

pl n
(Placename) a mountain range in S Iran: has Iran's main oilfields in its W central foothills. Highest peak: Zard Kuh, 4548 m (14 920 ft)

Zag′ros Moun′tains

(ˈzæg rəs)
a mountain range in S and SW Iran, extending along the borders of Turkey and Iraq. Highest peak, 14,921 ft. (4550 m).
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Key words: Hyrcanian refugium, Iran, Middle East, molecular taxonomy, phylogeography, Zagros Mts.
The name was proposed for snow voles from Zard Kuh in Zagros Mts.
Since the divergence between layi and the sequences from the Caucasus and Alborz overlaps the distances among the major lineages occupying Europe, Levant coast, Anatolia, and Western Iran, layi may suit as a subspecific name for European snow voles occupying the Zagros Mts.