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n. pl. Zaidi or Zai·dis
A member of any of various branches of Shiism, concentrated mainly in the southern Arabian Peninsula, that accept the authority though not the infallibility of living imams as temporal and spiritual successors to Muhammad.

[Arabic zaydī, after Zayd ibn Ali (died 740), whom Zaidis recognize as the fifth imam, in contrast to Twelver Shiites, who recognize his brother Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir (676-c. 743) as the fifth imam.]
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In fact, the most learned of the Shia ulema in Qom, Iran, know that the derogatory term Rafidah', now used in sectarian hate speech, was originally coined by Zaidiyyah scholars to describe those who reject the Zaidi position on the first two Caliphs in Islam.
The Sa'dah insurgency began in June of 2004 with a rebellion led by the Shiite cleric Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, head of the Shia Zaidiyyah sect.
Saleh has also struggled to contain insurgency, which started in the northern area of Sa'dah in 2004 when the dissident cleric Hussein Badreddin Al Houthi, head of the Shia Zaidiyyah sect, started an uprising against the government in Sana'a.