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A city of southeast China on the Taiwan Strait southwest of Fuzhou. It was an important port during the Middle Ages.


or Chuan•chow


a seaport in SE Fujian province, in SE China, on Taiwan Strait. 410,229.
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Two Saudi-educated religious scholars, Bachtiar Nasir and Zaitun Rasmin, played a key role in ultra-conservative mass protests in 2016, the largest in Indonesian history, that brought down Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, aka Ahok, an ethnic Chinese Christian and ally of Indonesian president Joko Widodo.
From Beijing back to Venice the route passed through Yangzhou, Zaitun, South China Sea, Sumatra, Ceylon, Hormuz, Trebizond, and Constantinople (Istanbul).
"We back the decision of Jakarta MUI Central Board to support Palestine to make Bayt al-Maqdis [Jerusalem] the capital of Palestine," said MUI Deputy Secretary General Zaitun Rasmin, through the statement.
Time series smoothing models namely single parameter exponential smoothing, double parameter exponential smoothing, Holt's and Winter's multiplicative model were applied to forecast the HIV cases by location and geographical area of residence in Pakistan by using the statistical software Zaitun time series.
Partners Rahul Kapoor, Michael Schlemmer, Pulina Whitaker, Matthew Howse, Zaitun Poonja, Ezra Church, and Charles Mo aided in the transaction, along with of counsel Sarah-Jane Morin and associates Karen Abesamis, Jee Kim, Cindy Dole, Julien Capers, Parikhit Sarma, Anu Liza Jose, Ariane Baczynski, Leslie DuPuy, and Samuel Bryant.
Butt, who The Guardian said was also known as Abu Zaitun, was known neighbours by the nickname "Abs/z".
Current research employed the MLPNN model by using Zaitun time series software.
PESHAWAR -- Zaitun Begum, a resident of Mathra Kanderkhel has asked the Chief Minister Parvaiz Khattak and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani to immediately release her husband from the custody of district Nowshera police otherwise she would make self-immolation.
Colonel Ahmed Seif bin Zaitun Al Muhairi, Chief of the metropolitan police, said the men targeted cars left in quiet locations.
Samerah became such a convert she even got her mother Zaitun Iqbal involved along with 86-year-old grandfather Abdul Rehman, who rides a trike.
In northern Beit Hanun, southern Khan Yunis and eastern Shejaiya and Zaitun, they found scenes of utter destruction, with homes flattened and bodies lying in the streets and under rubble.