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 (zə-kät′, -kăt′)
n. Islam
1. The obligatory contribution of a certain portion of one's wealth in support of the poor or needy or for other charitable purposes, considered as one of the duties of Islamic religious practice.
2. The amount owed or contributed for these purposes.

[Arabic zakāt, zakāh, purity, justness, alms, from Aramaic zākutā, innocence, justification, meritorious deed, from zəkā, to be innocent, be worthy, give alms, from Canaanite zākā or Akkadian zakû, to be pure, become pure, innocent; see ḏkw in Semitic roots.]
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(Islam) Islam an annual tax on Muslims to aid the poor in the Muslim community
[from Arabic zakāt alms]
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Noun1.zakat - the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worshipzakat - the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship; "the zakat is earmarked for the poor and disabled"
charity - an activity or gift that benefits the public at large
pillar of Islam - (Islam) one of the five religious obligations accepted by all Muslims
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The other is a 99.99 per cent silver coin weighing 60g, of 60-mm diameter inscribed with the holy verse "The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give Zakah and do not fear except Allah, for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided."
The applicable zakah related to cash dividend is ($0.773 for every 1,000 shares) which shareholders have to pay on their own, while the bank will pay the remaining part of zakah as approved by the AGM.
LANDI KOTAL -- Three persons were shot dead in firing between two groups here in Tabai, Bazaar Zakah Khel, Landi Kotal on Tuesday.
| Zakah - Purifying one's wealth by giving 2.5% of annual savings in charity.
Textual content in Dabiq, for example, can be used to process an analytical description of IS's claim of a currency of its own, as in the article "The Currency of the Khilafah" in Dabiq 5, and videos are studied to highlight with a suggestive and explanatory approach the benefits of the return to the gold dinar in the context of a comprehensive narrative related to IS as an economic organization based on Islamic principles (e.g., zakah) and the return to a mythical past of fairness and flourishing trade.
The charity campaign of "Beit El Zakah El-Masry" (The Egyptian Zakah Association), which asks people to donate money in order to build water pipelines, displays people who still walk for miles in order to access water from the closest canal.
Applicable Zakah related to cash dividend is cent 0.38 per share that shareholders has to pay by their own, while the Bank will pay the remaining part of Zakah as approved by the AGM.
This transaction was arranged by Moshe Feiner and Zakah Glaser.
To date, we have initiated international zakah and waqf core principles aiming at regulating and improving the zakah and waqf institutions at the international level.
Wadhha Jaber Al-Marri and Ryam Mohammad Saeed, of UAE's Zakah Fund, won the first place in the same category.
They also examined how Azzad calculates purification and Zakah for clients.