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Noun1.Zalophus - sea lionsZalophus - sea lions        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Otariidae, Otariidae - eared seals: sea lions and fur seals
Australian sea lion, Zalophus lobatus - a variety of sea lion found in Australia
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Like Ringling's private railway car, JoMaR, the Zalophus was the epitome of luxury.
Experimental results demonstrated that entanglement rates of short-beaked common dolphins, Delphinus delphis, and California sea lions, Zalophus californianus, were significantly reduced in pingered nets (Barlow and Cameron, 2003).
Common Name Scientific Name California sea lion Zalophus californianus californianus Gray seal Halichoerus grypus Guadalupe fur seal Arctocephalus townsendi Harbor seal (North Atlantic) Phoca vitulina concolor Harbor seal (Pacific) Phoca vitulina richardii Harp seal Pagophilus groenlandicus Hooded seal Cystophora cristata Northern elephant seal Mirounga angustirostris Northern fur seal Callorhinus ursinus Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus Table 2.
Marine mammals, li ke the California sea lion, Zalophus californianus, us, function as definitive hosts.
California sea lions, Zalophus californianus, have been exploited for centuries along the Pacific coast of the United States and northern Mexico, originally for subsistence and later for commercial purposes.
Marine caliciviruses first discovered in California sea lions, Zalophus californianus californianus, are known to be widespread and transferable between terrestrial and marine hosts (Smith et al.
Milk and energy intakes of suckling California sea lion Zalophus californianus pups in relation to sex, growth, and predicted maintenance requirements.
Spring and summer prey of California sea lions, Zalophus californianus, at San Miguel Island, California 1978-79.
Counts from 1946 to 1970 were likely overestimates because observers assumed that all sea lions north of Point Conception were Steller sea lions (many sea lions may have been California sea lions, Zalophus californianus) and because pups were likely included in these counts (Bonnot and Ripley, 1948; Ripley et al.
The 4-foot Zalophus californianus pup was raised in captivity and had come to rely on humans for its food.
For example, a NMFS 2009 stock assessment report for California sea lions (54) states that the Oregon Columbia River gillnet fishery had been reduced to such levels that California sea lion, Zalophus californianus, mortality, if any, was negligible.