Zamia pumila

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Noun1.Zamia pumila - small tough woody zamia of Florida and West Indies and Cuba; roots and half-buried stems yield an arrowroot
zamia - any of various cycads of the genus Zamia; among the smallest and most verdant cycads
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Effects of fire season and postfire herbivory on the Cycad Zamia pumila (Zamiaceae) in slash pine savanna, Everglades National Park, Florida.
A traves de estos metodos, la regeneracion de las plantas solo se ha logrado en Zamia pumila, (Chavez, 1992a) y Dioon edu ie (Chavez and Litz, 1999).
While detailed research on Macrozamia has not been conducted, one quantitative study of Zamia pumila indicated that female plants used 7.6 times more energy per reproductive event than male plants (Tang 1990:370).
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Some of the species found on Pam's land are extremely rare, such as the Cycadaceae Zamia pumila, a low-growing fern-like coontie plant that serves as food for the Florida atala butterfly caterpillar (Eumaeus atala), which is a candidate for inclusion on the U.S.