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 (zăn′ə-do͞o′, -dyo͞o′)
An idyllic, beautiful place.

[From Xanadu, archaic English name for Kublai Khan's summer capital in Inner Mongolia (described in the poem "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge as a place of great marvels), ultimately from early Mandarin ʂaŋ` tū (equivalent to Modern Mandarin Shàngdū : shàng, upper + , capital).]


(ˈzæn əˌdu, -ˌdyu)

n., pl. -dus.
a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.
[S. T. Coleridge's modification, in the poem “Kubla Khan” (1797), of Xandu (17th-century sp.), modern Shangtu, the site of Kublai Khan's summer residence in SE Mongolia]
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His expertise makes him a worthy and important addition to the Influence 100 Authority List that already includes exceptional professionals including Danny Khursigara, Troy West, Makarand Utpat, Debbie Jungman, Kristina Brevard and Linjie Chou Zanadu.
Paul Ghermezian, COO of family-owned development firm Triple Five, which is revitalizing the beleagured old Zanadu project in the Meadowlands into the American Dream mega mall, said the company has executed deals with two luxury department stores for the project, though he wouldn't reveal which ones.
Jessica J Drive comprises eight houses off Herrick's Lane that were originally approved by the Planning Board in 1989 and constructed by Zanadu Inc.