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(əˈzæn di)

n., pl. -des, (esp. collectively) -de.
1. a member of an African people living mainly N of the Uele river in the NE Democratic Republic of the Congo, the SE Central African Republic, and the SW Sudan.
2. the Adamawa-Eastern language of the Azande.
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according to which Evans-Pritchard must be read as making mutually incompatible claims about whether the Azande perceive a contradiction, and what Evans-Pritchard states as a Zande doctrine must be recharacterized as a mere nondoctrinal elaboration of belief.
The few educated southern Sudanese were, however, English-speaking (as a second language), whereas they spoke as their mother tongue a variety of Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Kordofanian languages (Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Bari, Moru, Zande, etc.
Some years ago, Susan Vogel, the director of the Center for African Art, mounted a marvelous exhibition called "ART/artifact," in which she displayed certain altogether utilitarian objects, such as a Zande hunting net, which resemble certain works of contemporary sculpture to the point that had we seen things exactly like them in a gallery, we would not hesitate to treat them as art.
RHM has announced that agreement has been reached to acquire all the shares of Van der Zande Meelfabriek De Waal BV.
Director-General Andr van der Zande of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, RIVM was named Vice President and member of the Executive Board of IANPHI at its 2017 Annual Meeting in October in Rome, Italy.
The Arrow Boys, composed mostly of Zande, Jur, and Moru ethnic groups, are named after local defense forces formed in the region in 2009 to fight the Ugandan rebel group, Lord's Resistance Army attacks in South Sudan.
Wim van der Zande, CEO of Xodus Group said Our vibration specialists are solving complex challenges for global operators, delivering tangible results and cost efficiencies.
In contrast, other bird species occur at lower densities near busy roads in an apparent avoidance behavior of the ambient noise (Ferris 1979, Van der Zande et al.
Recently, a review of methods for targeted crop protection systems in agriculture was given by Van de Zande et al.
As part of the deal, Henk van der Zande, the present owner of Rucon, which closed 2009 with a turnover of EUR12m (USD15m), will keep his post of managing director of the company.