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n.1.(Bot.) A genus of flowering plants. Zauschneria Californica is a suffrutescent perennial, with showy red flowers much resembling those of the garden fuchsia.
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If you've got a bright, sunny, welrained spot on the rockery then the tiny trailing flowers of Zauschneria californica, massed together to form a block of vibrant orange-red, should not be missed.
The best choices include abutilon, agastache, alstroemeria, bee balm, cestrum, cleome, coral bells, fuchsia, honeysuckle, lion's tail, penstemon, red-flowered perennial lobelia, salvia, and zauschneria.
Zauschneria ``El Tigre,'' a low-growing, red-flowered California fuchsia, blooms just as the weather starts gets hot, and is a favorite of hummingbirds.